Looking for advice on these two situations that i really got stuck on. Question 1 Villain (UTG) 100BB Hero (BTN) 142BB Pre-Flop (2.5BB (1 penalty BB)): Hero has Kc, 4c check (pental BB), fold, Hero raises 3BB, fold, fold, villain calls Flop (7.5BB, 2 players): 10h, 3h, Kh villain checks, hero bets 6BB, villain calls Turn (19.5BB, 2 players): 5h check, check River (19.5BB, 2 players): Kc check, Hero bets 19BB, villain raises 91BB and is all-in… ……??? fold ???……. Question 2 [bet sizing] V1 (UTG): 182.5BB V2 (MP): 49BB V3 (CO): 153BB Hero (SB) 115BB Pre-Flop (1.5BB): Hero has 4d, 4c V1 raises 3BB, V2 calls, V3 calls, fold, Hero calls, fold Flop (13BB, 4 players): 4h, 5c, 4s Hero bets 5BB, V1 raises to 10BB, V2 calls, V3 folds, Hero calls Turn (43BB, 3 players): Kc Hero bets 18BB, V1 fold, V2 raises to 36 BB and is all-in, Hero calls River (115BB, 2 players): 2c V2 shows 8h, 8c. i am not trying to brag here. Obviously i couldn’t believe my luck but really struggled to size my bets. all i could think was small enough they don’t fold but large enough to build that pot. What would you have done? Context Question 1: I was not many hands into this game <50ish and it was the first hand villain had played. I had noticed that everyone was playing very tight and very soft. I thing i had raised several hands that had folded straight through the blinds so wasn't worried about play K4s. The fourth heart on the turn spooked me so i checked and when it checked through decided to bet the river thinking if villain had a flush they would've bet the turn. Question 2: >200 hands in and the table is really tight with Villain 1 being a full-time nit (the first proper nit i have ever played against). 5BB was the largest i dare go. I think the raise from the nit hid the strength of my hand and i was lucky the others did not fold then. submitted by /u/Barnziebus [comments]

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